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White Collar Fraud Blog – (Index)

White Collar Fraud Blog  – (NASDAQ: OSTK) 2017 12/20/17: Thanks to Marc Cohodes, We’re Back to the Bad Old Days at 11/27/17: Marc Cohodes Buys Stock & Vanishes From Overstock CEO’s Smear Site 2015 03/30/15: Hatchet Man Judd Bagley’s Downward Spiral: Junkie, Confessed Criminal, Admitted Adulterer 2014 07/16/14: Indicted Former Utah Attorney General Mark […]

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My three-year battle to make comply with accounting rules and the vicious retaliation campaign its CEO Patrick M. Byrne unleashed against me This is the story of how I exposed’s accounting fraud and faced a vicious backlash from its CEO Patrick M. Byrne. (NASDAQ: OSTK) is an online retailer that repeatedly violated Accounting Fraud Read More »

Media – 2019

Favorite Media Interviews and Mentions December 24, 2019: Quartz – 2019: The year in heists and capers, By Tim Fernholz Audio Bonus: The Crazy Eddie heist that went too well People came to Crazy Eddie’s discount electronics stores because of their famously kooky commercials—but did you know it was, from start-to-finish, a massive financial crime?

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Media – 2018

Favorite Media Interviews and Mentions September 16, 2018: Deadline Hollywood – Entertainment One Goes ‘Insane’ For Movie On Crooked Discount Appliance Sales King Crazy Eddie, By Mike Fleming Jr EXCLUSIVE: Entertainment One has set up Insane, a film based on the wild life of Eddie Antar, the late consumer electronics king who wound up serving six years

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Media – 2009

Favorite Media Interviews and Mentions November 2009: Newsweek 20/10 – Bernie Madoff’s Giant Ponzi Scheme, By Sam Antar Madoff was a serial economic predator for 20 years and the only reason he stopped was because he got caught. He didn’t get caught because of the SEC and the auditors. It was our imploding financial system.

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Media – 2011

Favorite Media Interviews and Mentions December 28, 2011: Seven Days (Vermont’s Independent Weekly) – Whatever Happened To….?, By Andy Bromage But one bean counter smelled trouble. Sam E. Antar, the accountant who cooked the books at appliance chain Crazy Eddie in the 1980s, claimed he had discovered numerous accounting “irregularities” in GMCR’s financial filings. He

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Media – 2012

Favorite Media Interviews and Mentions October 31, 2012: The Village Voice – Country Club Sopranos – American banks are on a massive crime spree. Obama and Romney hope you won’t notice, By Pete Kotz In a sense, Holder has granted the industry its own version of juvenile court. No matter how pervasive the crime, no

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