Media – 2015

Favorite Media Interviews and Mentions

May 20, 2015: Forbes – Another Madoff Associate Avoids Prison – The Rewards Of Cooperation, by Walt Pavlo

My good friend Sam Antar of Crazy Eddie fame, told me that the only thing you are good for when you are the target of a federal investigation is “information.” “You don’t get credit for helping little old ladies across the street or helping young children,” Antar said, “but if you have information on others, then you’re sitting in a good position to help yourself.” Antar was sentenced to house arrest for his role as the CFO of Crazy Eddie.

April 14, 2015: Law360 – Using The New York FCA To Combat Offshore Tax Evasion, by Adam Pollock

Sam Antar, the co-founder of New York’s “Crazy Eddie” chain of electronics stores, recently recounted that in the 1980s, Bank Leumi, a major Israeli bank, deployed employees to New York to help open numbered bank accounts in Israel and to help move the cash abroad. When funds were needed domestically, Leumi’s American subsidiary offered “sham business loans” that “were secretly secured by the cash deposited at Bank Leumi-Israel.” Antar said that under this arrangement, his family was “able to deduct the interest paid on those loans as a business expense, while earning tax-free interest on the funds deposited overseas.”

February/March 2015: Footnote (Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants) – A profile of a white-collar criminal Sam Antar: Educator, forensic accountant, former fraudster, by Carolyn LaViolette, communications manager, MNCPA

Sam Antar is confident, forthcoming and intelligent. He passed the CPA exam on his first attempt with a 91 average. He works as a forensic accountant and a public speaker. He also helps law enforcement officials catch white-collar criminals.

On the outside, Antar appears to be a respectable law-abiding citizen. But if you think that, you don’t know the real Sam Antar.

February 2015: Financier Worldwide Magazine – With a smile not a gun: understanding human factors in fraud forecasting, by Alexander Stein

This is the sine qua non of fraud. As mordantly put by Sam Antar, former Crazy Eddie CFO, de-licensed certified public accountant, and convicted felon, “white collar crime is a crime of persuasion. It is a crime committed with a smile rather than a gun. Many white collar criminals are likable and charming people. They use their likable personality as a tool to gain the confidence of their victims. That is why white collar criminals are called ‘con men’.”

Sam Antar