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Sam Antar: I was laundering money through Bank Leumi decades ago

February 19, 2015: Former Crazy Eddie CFO and convicted felon Sam Antar explains how he got away with money laundering through Bank Leumi decades ago and why it took so long for the Feds to crack down on the Israeli-based bank. – CNBC

Op-Ed column and Video: Finally! The US is busting Israeli banks

Sam Antar on why Michael Grimm is the worst crook ever

February 5, 2015: Former Crazy Eddie CFO and convicted felon Sam Antar gives his take on Michael Grimm’s tax evasion case. How did the disgraced former NY Congressman end up getting caught and what happens next? – CNBC

Op-ed column and Video: He’s a former FBI agent but the worst crook ever!

White Collar Crime 101: How to Defraud a Company

July 29, 2014: Sam Antar is a self-described white collar criminal. He was part of the Crazy Eddie electronics stores scam of the late ’80s, but now is hired to speak to companies about fraud. Here he explains how successful fraud works. – Wall Street Journal Live


The Jersey Score

July 25, 2013: In this episode of American Greed … Solomon Dwek was a real estate mogul, a philanthropist and a big shot in the close-knit Syrian community of Deal, New Jersey. He was the son of a rabbi. But Dwek had no intention of following in his father’s footsteps. Instead, he preyed on his own people and was the mastermind behind a $400 million investment scheme and a $50 million bank fraud. Dwek’s empire grew, but his luck began to run out. The feds caught on and to avoid a prison sentence Dwek agreed to become an informant in the biggest case of corruption and greed in New Jersey history.


Sam Antar