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Convicted Felon, former CPA, and former Crazy Eddie CFO Sam Antar speaks out about white-collar crime


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My name is Sam E. Antar. I am a convicted felon, former CPA, and former Chief Financial Officer of Crazy Eddie, Inc.  During the 1980s, I helped mastermind with my cousin Eddie Antar and uncle Sam M. Antar (co-founders of the company) one of the largest securities frauds of its time. Crazy Eddie Antar was coined by U.S. Attorney Michael Chertoff as, "the Darth Vader of Capitalism." Our securities fraud cost investors hundreds of millions of dollars, cost many people their life savings, cost many people their jobs and careers, cost creditors hundreds of millions of dollars, and many people's suffering that cannot be measured. I was the government's key witness in both the criminal and civil prosecutions. I also fully cooperated with all civil plaintiffs in the prosecution of their claims. I make no excuses for my criminal conduct. Nor should I receive any praise for my cooperation.

I take full and complete responsibility for my actions and apologize to all the victims of my crimes. Also, I apologize to the other persons who would never have committed a crime, if not for my efforts to recruit them into the conspiracy and convince them to lie thereafter. Furthermore, I apologize to the government lawyers, plaintiff's lawyers, government investigators, and plaintiff's investigators whose efforts in prosecuting the truth of the crimes at Crazy Eddie were hampered by my willful stonewalling prior to me relenting and later deciding to cooperate with the investigations. I apologize to anyone I deceived, directly or indirectly, including but not limited to the shareholders, employees, creditors, public accounting firms, Wall Street firms, financial analysts, the press, etc.

However, my apologies, acceptance of responsibility, and the punishment imposed upon me by the court is not enough.

I believe that acceptance of personal responsibility for past actions must be accompanied by corrective action and not include exploitation for personal gain. I believe that former criminals like me must do more than just express regret for our crimes and pay whatever punishment society imposes upon us. I believe that it is our obligation and responsibility to educate society, so that society can avoid future perils caused by new generations of criminals. I also believe that any person's true test of character comes from overcoming past misdeeds and wrongdoing and trying to do something positive out of it without any personal gain or recognition.

Sam Antar

At Stanford University Rock Center for Corporate Governance

There is a saying, "It takes one to know one."

There is a saying, "It takes one to know one." Today, I advise law enforcement agencies and professionals about white-collar crime and train them to catch the crooks. I perform forensic accounting services for law firms and other clients.

In August 2009, I gave testimony as an expert witness on corruption for the New Jersey Republican Policy Committee.

Please contact me to schedule a speaking engagement and forensic accounting services.

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My White Collar Fraud blog investigates white-collar crime, securities fraud, accounting irregularities, corruption, and other related topics. Red flags and other financial reporting irregularities investigated and reported in this blog are referred to appropriate government agencies as a whistleblower. Material from my blog has been used in investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and in class action lawsuits against certain public companies for improper accounting practices and financial disclosures.

My blog has been recommended by the Journal of Accountancy. The Huffington Post named me one of the 25 most feared financial reporters in America.

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